Sharing My Thoughts

This is a new adventure for me, as I enjoy writing, but I am not the most technologically literate person in town.  Still, the District needs to continue to find ways to communicate better with the community and blogging can be an effective communications tool.  My plan is to write a blog every few days on some issue that is facing the district.  I won’t touch on personnel issues for obvious reasons and my goal will always be only to educate and communicate.  This will never become a forum for me to post my views, although my first post on the inadequacies of No Child Left Behind probably crossed over a bit and editorialized. 

As always, I invite comments back to me and welcome people to stop in my office and visit about any particular issue.  I apapreciate questions and look forward to the dialogue. 

One item I will always add is an ispiration thought.  Today’s comes from Wilma Rudolph, an Olympic track star who was crippled as a child and went on to become a champion sprinter.  Her’s is an incredible story of hard work overcome advesity and one from which we all can learn. 

I look forward to your feedback.  Thanks for reading.

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